Repatriation Planning
Capital Gains Tax Mitigation
We have successfully helped our clients repatriate their wealth from many locations around the world. The world is constantly getting smaller and many clients are aware that there is no point trying to hide their assets in various locations. We have helped our clients to move their assets to Italian Compliant Solutions that still offer tax mitigation.
It can be very disappointing when you have had great returns on your investments, only to hand over a quarter of your profits to the taxman at the end of the year. There are ways and means to keep hold of this money, and make it work for you. You earned it.
Succession Planning
Global Transactions
With the upcoming changes to inheritance taxes, it is now more important, than ever, to plan for the inevitable. Although it is the most upsetting of conversations, leaving a legacy and ensuring youre loved ones are looked after, can feature high on peoples agendas. Why work your entire life to create it, only to leave it to the government.
Many of our clients have assets around the world, or manage businesses that consistently transfer money between currencies. We have a simple proposition; give us an existing quote, we are sure we have someone that will beat it.
Capital Protection
Risk Mitigation
High on most peoples priorities is security. With the current banking situation globally, many people are concerned with the level of security of their savings and investments. There are ways and means we utilise, to ensure our clients have the highest levels of capital protection. Uncapped.
Whether it is mitigating your risk from your new business venture, or reducing your risk to market volatility, we have a solution. We work with the most reputable asset managers, who will build a bespoke portfolio to your appetite for risk and investment horizon. Should you need to protect those assets you already earned from a new business venture, we have the facility to do this.